TBT Logistic

Fresh flowers

In order to maintain the flowers fresh, the transport needs to be done with specialized vehicles equipped with the proper HVAC facility for the control of the temperature.

Our almost 90 years experience has made it possible for us to develop one of the most solid sets of good practices in the field of fresh flowers transport, making us a reliable partner.

Among these good practices, we are including:

– the CMR insurance of the goods;

– the usage of thermodiagrams;

– the live tracking of the transport conducted continuously by 2 experienced drivers;

– the usage of our own fleet of 45 trucks;

– urgent delivery of the goods;

– proper return of the flower packaging;

– the usage of safe parking places only;

– 24/7 dispatch for any of your demands;

– full transparency for all aspects of the partnership.

Therefore, we are confident that we can satisfy your most complex needs in the field of fresh flowers transport, be it national or international.