TBT Logistic

Fruits and Vegetables

Being perishable goods, the fruits and vegetables require a very specific transport regime which is not only necessary for their optimal transport, but also in order to respect both the EU and the national legislation.

As we have been conducting fruits and vegetables transport for almost 90 years, we have encountered many complex situations which have enabled us to grow significantly by overcoming them.

Besides using vehicles specialized for the fruits and vegetables transport – using the proper HVAC facility – we also train our staff to take the appropriate care of your goods so that they will arrive at the destination in optimal state.

At customs, we will make sure that your goods will not only pass the sanitary and the epidemiological control, but will do it in a fast manner, as we will prepare for this in advance, including the documentation.

Before and after customs, we organize all the other aspects necessary for the complete fulfillment of our responsibilities, including the ensurance of logistics or the documentation required for any third parties (e.g. contracts, guarantees, insurances).

We thus make available for you our whole expertise, fleet and staff in order to flawlessly fulfill your demands in a customized manner.